The Great Hanging
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Actor Stephen Brodie as James L. Clark

Now the descendants of the dead have collectively raised their voices, and demanded that their loved ones be remembered and memorialized, while a majority of the community deny them this. Will they be able to honor the innocent dead? Will the town begin the healing process and come together as one?

Witness the story and long term effects of The Great Hanging.

THE GREAT HANGING is a documentary film by Johnathan Paul, director of Hustler of Providence.

As the sun broke over the horizon on the morning of October 1, 1862 Texas state militia arrested over 200 hundred suspected Union sympathizers, 40 of these men were convicted and sentenced to death in what has been known as the Great Hanging. The series of events that lead to this tragedy were just the culmination of a heritage of divisive ideology in North Texas that existed before the Civil War began and lasted for over 150 years afterward.

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