Don’t Frack with Denton
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Don’t Frack with Denton
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Recording of a Fracking Well in North Texas

The opening chapter, which premiered at the University of North Texas this May, showcases how my tenacious Texas town of Denton managed to upstage the oil and gas industry with the power of music and community organizing, winning a landslide electoral victory last November in which 59 percent of Dentonites voted to ban fracking within city limits.

The second phase of the project will conclude with the production of a feature-length film examining this movement’s evolving strategies and challenges on the ground in Denton as well as the systemic failure of our democratic institutions in Texas.

Don’t Frack With Denton tells the empowering story of how the city of Denton became the first city in Texas to ban the drilling technique of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) deep in the heart of the oil and gas empire. The first chapter of this story was released on short form in 2015.

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